Thinking ’bout Levon

I’m usually not a “let us praise our fallen rock heroes” kind of guy. But I have to admit, the passing of Levon Helm hit me a little hard. And I’m not sure I can really explain why. I always had [...]


More New Stuff (OK, Relatively New)

“Tim, you’ve just spent another post exhuming a dead blues guy. Are you listening to any music recorded since, say, 1964?” Another nasty missive in the RCR mailbox (family members can be such [...]


Sonny Boy II: The Chess Years

America’s greatest musical export? That’s easy – Chess blues and rock ‘n roll. New Orleans R&B might be a close second, and you can’t deny the lasting, global impact of jazz greats like Miles [...]

Dan Auerbach on Dr. John: Locked Down

Let me start by saying Dr. John’s new album, “Locked Down,” is one of the most satisfying listens I’ve come across in the last few years. But I’ll also admit I [...]