Sweet Soul Music

Down the soul music rabbit hole with Bull & The Matadors, Shorty Long, Etta James, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Bobby Womack, etc.

RCR’s Got the Blues

Let’s get back to RCR’s sweet spot — the blues. Didn’t have to do much digging around for this post. About a third of my playlists focus on some facet of the blues — piano, harp, Chess, Vanguard, [...]

A Few Current Obsessions

Bettye LaVette, Sen. Michael Bennet, Pony Bradshaw, snow plows... Just a few worms that, for better or worse, haven’t worked their way out of my brain yet.

RCR’s Year-End Mail Purge

It’s that time of year again… Time to dig through an avalanche of Russian spam and find the handful of questions that are worthy of replies from the drug-addled braintrust here at RCR. In their [...]

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