The Strange Magic of Clayton Bailey

Clayton Bailey’s World of Wonders finds a perfect home in downtown Akron.


10 by The Meters

It's time to funkify your life by diving into The Meters' criminally overlooked catalog.


Bob Corlett: Bad Situation

Bob Corlett brings the spirit of NOLA soul to NE Ohio.


RCR’s End of the World (Virtual) Party

Shelter and shimmy in place with Delbert McClinton, Darondo, Elizabeth King, Michael Kiwanuka, Gladys Knight, The JB's, Tom Waits, etc


Reevaluating Woodstock (and Canned Heat)

How I learned to appreciate "three days of peace and music" and the endless boogie of Canned Heat.


RCR Takes the 10-Day Movie Challenge

What's the 10-Day Movie Challenge? Hell, I don't know... but I took it.


Sweet Soul Music

Down the soul music rabbit hole with Bull & The Matadors, Shorty Long, Etta James, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Bobby Womack, etc.


Make It Funky

Get on the good foot with James Brown and a few other masters of funk.


Bad Behavior

Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Ryan Adams, Fyre Festival, rock stars who don't clean up after their pets... The music industry truly sucks.


RCR’s Got the Blues

Let’s get back to RCR’s sweet spot — the blues. Didn’t have to do much digging around for this post. About a third of my playlists focus on some facet of the blues — piano, harp, Chess, Vanguard, [...]


A Few Current Obsessions

Bettye LaVette, Sen. Michael Bennet, Pony Bradshaw, snow plows... Just a few worms that, for better or worse, haven’t worked their way out of my brain yet.


RCR’s Year-End Mail Purge

It’s that time of year again… Time to dig through an avalanche of Russian spam and find the handful of questions that are worthy of replies from the drug-addled braintrust here at RCR. In their [...]


That Honky Tonk Holiday Spirit

As a lifelong fan of hard-core honky tonk, I usually have to search far and wide to find kindred spirits who share the same affliction. Then a friend of mine reinvented himself as classic country [...]


Where did the year go (and where did I put my meds)?

Let’s pretend that I’ve been posting regularly on this blog over the past year, rather than completely ignoring RCR’s vast global empire of digital assets. Fact is, I’ve written dozens of [...]


John Lee Hooker: The Modern Recordings

John Lee Hooker's deep, dark and powerful Modern recordings announced the arrival of a singular artist who simply had no peers.


Evan Johns and the H-Bombs

RIP Evan Johns: one of the most fearsome and original guitarists to never hit the big time.


10 Songs for the Next Rolling Stones Album

A few nuggets the Stones can consider when they record a follow-up to their all-blues album Blue & Lonesome.

Crawling from the Wreckage

Is your head filled with dread during the holidays? RCR can help you cope, with The Mavericks, The Crown, Blue Note jazz, meditation and full-contact bocce.


Wynonie Harris: Mr. Blues is Coming to Town

Let's raise a glass to legendary blues shouter Wynonie Harris and his classic King recordings, 1947-1954.


Apolitical Playlist

Should I a) waste bandwidth trashing Trump, or b) share some new stuff by The Frightnrs, Trixie Whitley, Sturgill Simpson, etc?


Battle of the Blues: Muddy vs. Wolf

What's the best way to honor blues legends Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf? Stage a virtual cutting contest.