The Country Soul of Arthur Alexander

American Idol’s Randy Jackson would probably describe him as “pitchy,” and I don’t think he’d make it on anyone’s team on The Voice. But Arthur Alexander is one of the great heroes of early [...]


Speed Demons of the West

Another rough week, another re-post… Sue me. (Hey, our last post rang up almost 200 Likes – maybe it’s time to send some of our readers back to Drunken Vegan!) Here’s one of our [...]

The Lost Quine Interview

We’ve covered guitarist Robert Quine pretty well in this blog, especially here and here. But I had to throw this post together after my sister came across a long-lost article in the bottom of a [...]


Monk and the Butterfly

Several things happened since I first posted this piece almost two years ago: 1) Based on my google stats, it’s still drawing a lot of readers; 2) A new bio about long-time Thelonious Monk [...]