You Rascal You

Just got back from Nashville, where I got to see nephew Dan work his magic in the studio with a couple of artists – country rocker Nikki Lane and Hanni El Khatib, who’s a little harder to pin [...]


Danny Gatton, The Humbler

Knocked down in Nashville… Time to re-post one of our most popular reads. Without question, the best guitarist I ever witnessed in person was Danny Gatton. And I’ve seen some great ones. [...]


Bluegrass Blues

This is just a cheap excuse to share some of my favorite bluegrass tunes, most of which have a strong blues influence. I’m sure you can find several qualified musicologists who can speak at [...]


A Brief History of Blues Piano

Gather round boys and girls… Brother Jack is back to give us a little primer on blues piano, from Cow Cow Davenport to Art Tatum. Save your questions for the end. Blues started with the [...]