John Lee Hooker: The Modern Recordings

I’ve been intimidated by the idea of writing a post on John Lee Hooker. It’s like trying to write a 500-word essay on modern cinema. Or thinking just one reality show is enough to document the [...]


Put These in Your Christmas Pipe

This has turned into a particularly somber holiday season… horrific for some, just plain dismal for those of us still dangling off the fiscal cliff. Can’t say I’ve been in the mood to put [...]


Raised on the Stones

Here’s a re-post in honor of The Rolling Stones’ final 50th Anniversary concert (the 12/15 show in Newark will include Rubber City favorites The Black Keys… Hopefully [...]


Dan’s Big Night, Dave Brubeck and Dino

Time for another random post… Let’s start with The Grammys. Now RCR is probably the last place anyone would go for the latest news on rock and pop acts that typically get nominated [...]