The Untouchable Soul of Robert Ward

Another criminally overlooked master of blues and soul... and he turned Lonnie Mack on to his first Magnatone amp.


Great Unsung Guitar Heroes

I must be wired to read these “10/50/100 Greatest _______ of All Time” lists, almost as a form of self-torture. They seem to exist for the sole purpose of pissing me off, because I’ve never come [...]

The Untouchable Soul of Robert Ward

In previous posts, we covered a lot of fertile ground in southwest Ohio – King Records, Fraternity Records, Lonnie Mack, Roger Troutman… But the picture wouldn’t be complete without the man who [...]


The Fraternity of Wham

Several posts ago, we waxed poetic about Cincinnati’s King Records – home to legendary American artists ranging from the Stanley Brothers to James Brown.  But King wasn’t the only act in town.  [...]