The Ballad of Clarence White

Think of the greats in any musical genre, and you’re usually thinking of a signature sound that gives the artist a distinct presence or personality. In jazz, it’s the difference between Dexter [...]



Time to dig through the old mail bag and respond to a few comments about previous posts… Most of these comments show up on the blog, but a few others take a more direct route – either via email [...]


Cuba, Part 2

Brother James returns with more photographs taken during several visits to Cuba over the past decade.  He provides his usual commentary under each photo, and I’ve decided to weigh in with a [...]


Sweet Giant of the Blues

Newly promoted to Keyboard Correspondent for Rubber City Review, Brother Jack is back with this look at the wonderful Otis Spann – a true giant of the blues piano… If you were looking to [...]


The Fraternity of Wham

Several posts ago, we waxed poetic about Cincinnati’s King Records – home to legendary American artists ranging from the Stanley Brothers to James Brown.  But King wasn’t the only act in town.  [...]


The World’s Greatest Advertising Jingle

Here’s another “Editors’ Pick” from blogcritics.  It asks the important questions: Would Don Draper approve of the Big-O jingle?  And, can one company bring happiness and [...]


Surf’s Up in Cleveland

I have this theory about the Beach Boys… that people who live in northern, land-locked areas, where it’s brutally cold nearly half of the year, have little patience for their well-crafted odes to [...]