Shivering Timbers: Sing Sing

About a year ago, my wife and I went to an arts/music festival at our favorite neighborhood in Akron. Against all odds, we found an outdoor table at Chipotle (well-kept secret: their Margaritas [...]


The Ballad of Clarence White

Time for a re-post… I’ll warn you up front, this is one of our longer pieces. But it includes some nice quotes from Clarence freaks Dan Auerbach and his Uncle James, as well as our [...]



I’m beginning to think that themes are overrated. People don’t even buy CDs anymore. Why would anyone be interested in how one song might relate to another? Maybe I should just write down every [...]


Random Playlist #39: Beat the Heat

Temperatures are hitting the triple digits… Tropical storms are starting to line up like jets at LaGuardia… Tempers are flaring at country music festivals as fleshy Bubbas fight over warm beer [...]