My First Album

Editor’s note: I would’ve re-posted this two days ago (Jimi Hendrix’s 70th birthday), but I had my head up my ass. Here’s an idea I borrowed from a fellow music blogger: What’s [...]


Dan Penn: The FAME Recordings (1963-66)

One of the most soulful and satisfying reissues from the label that does it better than anyone – UK-based Ace Records – features a major figure in the Muscle Shoals music scene, Dan Penn. A [...]


Country Soul Sisters

So I get an email from my friends in Berlin asking their Rubber City correspondent to review a UK-produced compilation of Nashville’s groundbreaking country women. Makes perfect sense, right? [...]


10 by Art Pepper

I’ve got a real weakness for West Coast jazz – that cool, seductive sound that didn’t exactly get a big thumbs up from Miles Davis in his autobiography Miles: “What bothered me more than anything [...]


The Case of the Mysterious Banjo Player

Another re-post… Blame the weather. The contents herein are, to the best of my knowledge, true. (Article first published as Music: The Case of the Mysterious Banjo Player on Blogcritics.) [...]