The Best of Paul Butterfield

Is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum worth arguing about? Some say no – the whole idea of enshrining punks and metalheads in some shiny glass-plated pyramid that many of them would rather [...]


RCR’s 5th Annual Holiday Music Extravaganza

Welcome to RCR’s 5th Annual Holiday Song Roundup (if you need time to review, here are links to one, two, three and four). Not sure if I can put a finger on the prevailing mood this season. I’ve [...]

The Numbers Band: Jimmy Bell’s Still in Town

I’d brag about the music scene we grew up with in the Akron area, but the reality of it is a lot more complicated. Let’s just say it was fitful, but usually memorable. Joe Walsh and [...]


Chico and The Kid

Jazz drummer and bandleader Chico Hamilton passed away last week at the age of 92. Often associated with cool West Coast jazz, Chico also could kick it up a few notches and play a lot closer to [...]