The Latin Boogaloo

It’s cold… damn cold. Time to re-post this piece on Latin Soul. Because I like it like that. Latin boogaloo – one of those great cultural collisions, like fried chicken and waffles or [...]


Albert King: The Stax Years

You might notice that I tend to avoid writing exhaustive profiles of my favorite blues artists. Call me lazy, but I prefer to focus on a specific era or a particularly fruitful stint at a given [...]


Another Random Video Roundup

In our last post, I didn’t exactly subscribe to the theory that Big Star is the most overlooked and underappreciated band of the Seventies. But I did think of a truly awe-inspiring band that flew [...]


My Time in Rehab

You’re probably expecting me to offer a harrowing account of my addiction to pain killers and several failed shots at recovery. Sorry to disappoint. My most recent addiction involved Apple TV, [...]