Songs of Worship

A re-post, just in time for my own personal Sabbath (I have separate playlists for my Jewish and Wiccan friends)… Sunday morning – a time of worship. And for me, that worship involves a cup [...]


Earl King: Let the Good Times Roll

It’s tempting to lump together “The Four Kings of Blues Guitar,” as an enterprising record label named a recent compilation featuring B.B., Albert, Freddie and Earl. But I’m not sure they [...]


Unsung Soul Sisters

Flea market record bins are filled with artists who never got their due. And the fickle ways of listeners and labels alike are especially apparent when it comes to women soul singers. For every [...]


Crazy ‘Bout an Automobile

Much has been written about America’s love affair with the automotive vehicle. And I’m certainly not the first music blogger to throw together a “car song” playlist. But I’ll justify this post by [...]


There Stands the Glass

This winter refuses to end. Time to drink (and revisit this post). I’m guessing the first drinking song was written not long after the first alcoholic beverage was served. Something about [...]