10 by T-Bone Walker

While killing time at Barnes & Noble, I picked up the Sept. issue of Guitar World with Nephew Dan on the cover and read several comments about yours truly – mainly as an early source of blues [...]


The Other Take

Alternate Takes. Some artists – especially jazz musicians – live by them. Others do their best to make sure they never see the light of day. And there’s often some merit to the latter approach, [...]

The Lost Quine Interview

We’ve covered guitarist Robert Quine pretty well in this blog, especially here and here. But I had to throw this post together after my sister came across a long-lost article in the bottom of a [...]


Junior Barnard and the Tiffany Transcriptions

Do you have little patience for country music of any stripe? Do you think of Western Swing tunes as bouncy, brainless singalongs for Texans who drink too much? If you just answered yes and yes, [...]