Take Me to the River

That murky, mythological force that keeps drawing us down for purposes both sanctified (such as baptism) and sinful (e.g. killing your baby).


Soothe Me

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting overwhelmed by all the dire news and violent images I’ve been digesting lately. Maybe it’s time to shut everything off, disconnect the cable, buy someone’s [...]


Got Those Kenny Chesney, iPod Ain’t Workin’, Dead German Composer Blues

Music nerds of a certain ilk (my ilk) are quick to declare the death of terrestrial radio. Fact is, it’s not quite dead yet, but definitely on life support… unless you’re a fan of mainstream [...]


Take Me to the River

So I’m pondering my next post and it dawns on me, some of my favorite songs are about rivers. Or, as Mr. Springsteen would put it, The River. That murky, mythological force that keeps drawing us [...]


Superhits of the Early Seventies (and Pass the Sausage)

Every year I get together with five or six of my high school buddies – as well as assorted spousal units and special guests – for a party at my friend’s alpaca farm just outside of a small town [...]