Wynonie Harris: Mr. Blues is Coming to Town

Let's raise a glass to legendary blues shouter Wynonie Harris and his classic King recordings, 1947-1954.


Moon Mullican: Hillbilly Piano

Moon Mullican was the vital link between R&B piano pounders like Amos Milburn and early rockers like Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Wynonie Harris: Mr. Blues is Coming to Town

The Voice just kicked off its 7th season on NBC… Seems like a good excuse to talk about Wynonie Harris – a truly badass blues shouter who would send the smug, preening judges on (insert [...]


Little Willie John: Fever

I just read a fascinating book about one of my favorite singers… Seems like a good excuse to showcase the music of Little Willie John while sharing a little love for the excellent bio Fever: A [...]


King of the Independents

Here’s a re-post from 2009 that looks back at one of America’s greatest independent labels, Cincinnati’s King Records. Its huge catalog includes seminal recordings by some of the most [...]


King of the Independents

In the early 1980s, I lived in Cincinnati and edited one of those free entertainment newspapers you see blowing through the streets of big cities throughout the country.  The following piece [...]