RCR’s Greatest Hits

I’ve been at this RCR thing for nearly five years now, and we just published our 250th post. Imagine if I would’ve put all that effort into a solid money-making venture, like cooking meth, [...]

The Dave Clark Five: Doin’ the Tottenham Stomp

In our last post, I bemoaned the fact that rock ‘n roll was the nail in R&B’s coffin – sealing the fate of countless shouters, honkers, stringbenders and piano pounders who thrived after [...]


Little Willie John: Fever

I just read a fascinating book about one of my favorite singers… Seems like a good excuse to showcase the music of Little Willie John while sharing a little love for the excellent bio Fever: A [...]



“Tim, what have you been listening to lately?” Well, I’m glad no one asked! But that won’t stop me from responding with a few random observations that reflect my equally random listening habits… [...]