Cuba, Pt. 2

Obviously, much has changed in Cuba since we first ran this post in 2010 (as a follow-up to this piece) – including the restoration of full diplomatic relations and the easing of travel [...]


The Latin Boogaloo

It’s cold… damn cold. Time to re-post this piece on Latin Soul. Because I like it like that. Latin boogaloo – one of those great cultural collisions, like fried chicken and waffles or [...]


RCR Focus Groups: The Results Are In

Over the past year, I pulled all my music gear out of cold storage and started playing in bars again. Which wasn’t as difficult as it could’ve been, since I only took a two-year hiatus. But my [...]


Cuba, Part 2

Brother James returns with more photographs taken during several visits to Cuba over the past decade.  He provides his usual commentary under each photo, and I’ve decided to weigh in with a [...]