The Sound of the Swamp

I’m a blues hound… won’t deny it. Love the form’s many sub-genres and permutations. Hate most attempts to slap a little rouge on its cheeks and make it more presentable to [...]

Guns, Drugs, Money and Vinyl… Welcome to School Kids

Consider this the final installment in our Substance Abuse Trilogy (I’ll blame another brutal winter in the Rubber City): Athens, Ohio, was an interesting place back in the late-Seventies. [...]


Junkie Jazz

I grew up listening to a lot of jazz. Not the edgy stuff. My dad mostly liked straight-ahead piano players like Oscar Peterson, Erroll Garner and Earl “Fatha” Hines. He also had those “can’t [...]


There Stands the Glass

I’m guessing the first drinking song was written not long after the first alcoholic beverage was served. Something about draggin’ stone for the pharaoh – and my baby left me too. In other words, [...]