Just Rockin’ and Rollin’ with The Blonde Bomber

A 56-year-old rockabilly legend teams up with some hungry young hotshots… throws them 16 hard-bitten songs that are ready to burn… and then lets it rip in an old-school analog studio, where [...]


The Box Set is Dead (Part 2)

At what point did we know that the box set was deceased? Was it when the German Bear Family label released a 12-CD collection (with hardcover book) of Pat Boone’s complete ‘50s recordings? Or [...]


The Box Set is Dead… Long Live Our Favorites

Remember the box set? Actually, in a year or two we might be asking ourselves, remember compact discs? I came fairly late to the CD party – which is probably a good thing, because a research team [...]

The Next Hundred Years

Ever find yourself on a long drive in the middle of the night, searching for those perfect songs to keep you awake but not wired? There I was, drinking a mocha-infused Starbucks cocktail, almost [...]


Music by Ry Cooder: 1967-1994

Our new Fly Fishing Correspondent, Kevin Swan, reels in some of his favorite Ry Cooder moments from the “pre-Buena Vista Social Club” era: When Rolling Stone magazine published their [...]