Chess Blues Rarities

A few months ago, my blogging buddy April asked me what I thought about the movie “Cadillac Records,” a glossy look back at the birth of modern electric blues at Chicago’s Chess label in the ‘50s [...]


Black Keys Ticket Giveaway and Other Stuff

We now have a twitter account, which means we need to do something drastic to promote it. So we’re giving away 2 free tickets to The Black Keys’ sold-out New Year’s Eve Show at the historic [...]


Keith Richards, Johnnie Johnson and the Sacred Order of Rock ‘n Roll Sidemen

In one of our first posts, I described the unique challenges of serving as a hired sideman for rock legend Bo Diddley. Well, that assignment probably was a cakewalk compared to backing up Chuck [...]


There Stands Another Glass

The election’s over, so it’s time to drink. Heavily. Which brings us to the second installment of our tribute to the Great American Drinking Song. And we’re using the same basic guidelines [...]


Restoring Sanity, 200,000 People At A Time

Centrists red and blue are expected to take a beating at the polls today. But it won’t be for lack of effort on the part of the Stewart-Colbert Nation, which seemed to be fully represented on the [...]