Big Maybelle: The Okeh Sessions

What if Lady Gaga turned out to be The Antichrist? Imagine armies of her meat-clad minions cutting a huge swath of destruction across the country. Entire towns are being leveled by massive, [...]


Everybody Sing Along, Kumbaya

Brother Jack is back with a reconsideration of that old lefty anthem, Kumbaya. Time for a change of pace here at RCR, an interlude from the rock and blues. Time to quiet it down and turn off the [...]


Roast Your Chestnuts to These Holiday Tunes

We’re in full holiday mode here in the Rubber City – plenty of white stuff on the ground and white people in our malls searching for Susan Boyle’s latest CD. Now I’ve got nothing against Ms. [...]


Johnny “Guitar” Watson: The Funk Era

It’s time to bring back the funk of Johnny “Guitar” Watson. Why not? You can hear Seventies funk of every stripe on TV commercials and movie soundtracks by everyone from The Isley Brothers and [...]


And the Winner is…

We’ve emptied all the bottles and thrown away the broken furniture. That means our panel of judges has completed its deliberations and picked a winner to The Black Keys ticket giveaway. But [...]


Who Shot Rock & Roll

How many of you are heading to Akron for the holidays? Actually, once you get past the startling lack of color and “fresh as the driven slush” look of our winter landscapes, this time of year has [...]