Vintage Video Madness, Round 2

Speaking of March Madness, who’s idea was it to borrow so heavily from the President’s brackets? All top seeds? All gone. Although I must admit, it’s made the games far more entertaining. I don’t [...]


Vintage Video Madness, Round 1

Couldn’t write much this week. Too busy taking side bets on my March Madness brackets. When you know as little as I do about college basketball, you have to be fairly resourceful in filling [...]


Random Playlist #27: Sixties/Garage

Although it may seem like we’re careening out of control now and then (“Thankless Jobs”), I started this blog with a simple, basic premise. Over the years, I’ve collected a whole lot of music. [...]


Mike Henderson’s Nashville Blues

If the Grammys had an award for Ridiculously Talented, Incredibly Versatile Roots-Music Wunderkind, Mike Henderson would be a hands-down favorite to win every year. But here in America, 2011 – [...]

Thankless Jobs I Have Known

In this economy, I suppose any of us who are gainfully employed should be thankful. But have you ever held a job that made you question your very existence? A job that made “meth addict” seem [...]

Strap On The Gas Mask… It’s Showtime!

Since we got some of you to play along to “My First Album,” I decided to try something else along the same lines: What’s your most memorable concert experience? The venue can be anything from a [...]