It’s the Weekend… Who Cares?

Back in the heyday of Cleveland rock radio, this wildman named Murray Saul – sounding a lot like Howard Dean when he blew up his campaign for President – would usher in the weekend with a [...]


RCR’s World Music Bazaar

(Click here, then read on.) Mongolia… Mexico… Africa… Scandinavia… Rubber City Review travels the globe to bring you amazing and exotic sounds from far-away lands! From Tuvan throat-singing to [...]


From Cali to Kingston: The Unlikely Journey of Rusty Zinn

Here’s a tasty guitarist I lost track of a few years back. Then when I recently looked into his newer stuff – expecting to hear more variations on the rock-solid blues he recorded in the ‘90s – I [...]


Classic Moments in Jubilee Showcase

I’ve been at this for more than two years now and this is our first post on gospel music. Bless me, my readers, for I have sinned… I certainly feel sanctified now that I’ve seen “Classic Moments [...]