The Year They Almost Saved Country Music

Has mainstream country music ever been any worse than it is right now? Probably, but I just can’t take another Eagles tribute band playing some lame-ass ode to the Bubba lifestyle. Sorry, I [...]


10 by Delbert McClinton

There’s nothing even remotely hip about Delbert McClinton. No edgy beats cooked up by some tragic-looking DJ. No soul-baring confessionals or angry throwdowns to ex-lovers. No political screeds. [...]

Song For My Father

My dad John was a quiet and often very private man. In a different time, you’d describe him as genteel. Harvard Law grad, former Navy officer… He had the perfect temperament for a career in [...]


The Seventies are Back

Let’s talk about the Seventies. What exactly happened? I’m not sure I can answer that question, because I lived them – in the same smoky haze that partially obscured my view of The Rolling Stones [...]