Songs of Hope

A playlist to perk you up: Aretha, Louis Jordan, Bob Wills, Howlin' Wolf, Derek Trucks, Little Feat, Devo, etc.


Hammer Damage: An Interview with Mike Hammer

How does one discuss the Akron music scene without pissing off hordes of people? For long stretches of time, there really wasn’t much of a scene at all (unless you were willing to drive 20 miles [...]

The Numbers Band: Jimmy Bell’s Still in Town

I’d brag about the music scene we grew up with in the Akron area, but the reality of it is a lot more complicated. Let’s just say it was fitful, but usually memorable. Joe Walsh and [...]


The Blimp has Landed

Welcome to Rubber City Review.  It’s not intended to be Akron-centric, but I should probably kick things off by asking the question:  When it comes to roots-rock and other mutant forms of modern [...]