Truck Driver’s Boogie

A tribute to The Great American Trucking Song, with Red Simpson, Del Reeves, Kay Adams, Dave Dudley, Jim Lauderdale, The Bottle Rockets, etc.


Speed Demons of the West

Another rough week, another re-post… Sue me. (Hey, our last post rang up almost 200 Likes – maybe it’s time to send some of our readers back to Drunken Vegan!) Here’s one of our [...]


Moon Mullican, Hillbilly Piano

They called him the King of the Hillbilly Piano Players. I like to think of Moon Mullican as one of the lost heroes of rock ‘n roll – a vital link between R&B piano pounders like Amos Milburn [...]


Truck Driver’s Boogie

Ah, the life of a trucker. Got me a hot rod rig with 10 forward gears and a Georgia overdrive, and I’m double-clutchin my way through this here mountain pass. There’s a tombstone every mile… I’m [...]


Speed Demons of the West

I used to spend countless hours combing record stores (remember those?) for rare blues and R&B.  On one such occasion, I was convinced that the ganja-impaired proprietor was playing one of [...]