Let Us Now Praise the Organ Combo

I love the sound of a Hammond B3 doing a slow-boil under the bluesy guitar of Grant Green or Kenny Burrell, or wrapped around a warm, soulful sax.  But there’s a thin line between the best of [...]


Juliet, Naked… with the Fat Man in the Bathtub

Break out the Champipple!  Our fledgling operation is celebrating its 10th post with an “Editors’ Pick” from blogcritics.org for this little number on Nick Hornby’s new [...]


New Orleans Nuggets

Since Brother Jack did such a great job of taking us down to New Orleans in his last post on James Booker, I decided to stay there – and offer up a few of my favorite examples of Crescent City [...]


In Search of James Booker

Brother Jack takes us from the Rubber City down to New Orleans — home of the world’s greatest piano players and the gonzo king who ruled them all, James Booker.  Jack also gives us a [...]


Tim’s Top Six

Dear Tim:  I can appreciate your interest in long-deceased artists, but when are you going to start writing about real living, breathing musicians – preferably those who don’t qualify for AARP?  [...]


Speed Demons of the West

I used to spend countless hours combing record stores (remember those?) for rare blues and R&B.  On one such occasion, I was convinced that the ganja-impaired proprietor was playing one of [...]