A Brief History of Blues Piano

Let’s revisit this post by Professor Jack, our resident expert on radiatin’ the 88s. Blues started with the voice – call and response. The next step was to add a single vibrating [...]


Random Playlist #23: Country Blues

So I stumbled into a trendy club where this cretinous DJ of the dubstep variety assaulted my senses and inner organs with pounding, relentless bass drops and seizure-inducing strobe lights. [...]


A Brief History of Blues Piano

Gather round boys and girls… Brother Jack is back to give us a little primer on blues piano, from Cow Cow Davenport to Art Tatum. Save your questions for the end. Blues started with the [...]


Sweet Giant of the Blues

Newly promoted to Keyboard Correspondent for Rubber City Review, Brother Jack is back with this look at the wonderful Otis Spann – a true giant of the blues piano… If you were looking to [...]