Danny Gatton, The Humbler

Without question, the best guitarist I ever witnessed in person was Danny Gatton. And I’ve seen some great ones. Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan, together in “The Fire Meets the Fury” tour of [...]


Charles Brown’s Blues

Call it “supper club blues” if you want. Just don’t call it second-rate. Charles Brown is one of those artists who helps make the case that blues is a diverse art form – with the opposite end of [...]


That Fender Rhodes Sound

Kevin and Tim tag-team on this piece about an American classic that still gets a lot of action some 50 years after it first hit the scene. It can sneak up on you: that warm, soothing yet crunchy [...]


Rosanne Cash: Composed

Article first published as Book Review: Composed: A Memoir by Rosanne Cash on Blogcritics. Our last post on living, breathing artists led me to another crisis in confidence. Just what is this [...]


More Songs by Non-Deceased Artists

Those of you who’ve stuck with us over the past year might remember a post I wrote a while back called “Tim’s Top Six.” It was a less-than-subtle attempt to prove that I pay attention to music [...]