One Nation, Under Dog

Wish I would’ve come up with that headline. But it belongs to a typically provocative HBO documentary (and the book by Michael Schaffer that inspired the movie) that focuses on the various [...]


Thanks, Allie… Needed That

Last week I bitched about not coming across any new tunes that merit a second listen. Well, my daughter Allie must’ve heard me all the way down in Lexington, because she sent me a couple of [...]


Texas Blues Guitar Showdown

Now we have a new look to go along with our iPad/iPhone optimization. Special thanks to our Web Wrangler, Keena… Looks like all those trips to the World of Rubber Museum finally paid off! [...]


10 by Sonny Rollins

Check it – RCR is now optimized for iPad and iPhone use. We’re also the only site I’m aware of that’s optimized for rotary phones. Just dial Garfield 1-2323 and I’ll have [...]


Another Random Video Roundup

I’ve got RCR’s IT department working on a redesign of our site to address a nagging problem – if you’re reading our blog on an iPad and sample a song, it takes you away from our site. And good [...]