Spanglish Fly (An Interview with Jonny Semi-Colón)

In 2011, I interviewed writer/filmmaker Mathew Ramirez Warren, the man responsible for the documentary We Like It Like That: The Story of Latin Boogaloo. I’m glad to report the film recently [...]


Sweet Summits: Jazz

I thought this theme worked pretty well in our blues post. But I couldn’t resist expanding the definition so I could cover some of my favorite jazz summits. Think of these collaborations as [...]


Johnny “Guitar” Watson: The Funk Era

Johnny “Guitar” Watson died on this date in 1996 – on stage no less. Here’s a re-post in his honor. It’s time to bring back the funk of Johnny “Guitar” Watson. Why not? You can [...]


Random Playlist #19: Surf & Beyond

Summer is right around the corner. Time to whip out the Fender Jaguar with whammy bar, Dual Showman amp, tube reverb unit, Precision bass and Rogers drum kit with a sweet floor tom. You surf [...]


Sweet Summits: Blues

When well-established musicians join forces, it’s not always for purely artistic reasons. Sometimes their managers arrange it as a promotional gimmick. Or the performers could be stuck in the [...]