Crescent City Classics

Now that I’ve got all that Fat Tuesday nonsense out of my system, let’s get right to it this week – a playlist featuring a few more nuggets from the golden years of New Orleans R&B. Let the [...]


Live from Germany: The Sam & Dave Show

Here’s a quick hit while I’m fumbling my way through Europe… A while back, we featured a great clip of soulmen Sam & Dave tearing it up in front of a TV studio audience in [...]


Thanks, But I’ll Do It Solo

Don’t get me wrong… I like to hear John Lee Hooker do the boogie over a driving beat or Allen Toussaint comp behind a funky New Orleans horn section or Thelonious Monk make seasoned jazz [...]


Snooks Eaglin

Put New Orleans guitarist Fird “Snooks” Eaglin, Jr. near the top of that long list of the criminally ignored. Where do you start with this guy? Most accounts begin with the obvious, [...]


Rare Soul + Funk, Pt. 1

This is really just a cheap excuse to share a few samples of some pretty cool tunes I’ve been listening to lately. So if you’re one of those Northern Soul nuts from the UK, don’t expect me to [...]


New Orleans Nuggets

Since Brother Jack did such a great job of taking us down to New Orleans in his last post on James Booker, I decided to stay there – and offer up a few of my favorite examples of Crescent City [...]