Albert King: The Stax Years

You might notice that I tend to avoid writing exhaustive profiles of my favorite blues artists. Call me lazy, but I prefer to focus on a specific era or a particularly fruitful stint at a given [...]

The Greatest, Most Amazing Bass Players of All Time, Ever

Bass players need a little love. At least that’s what I heard from our friend Rene Villanueva (in foreground at right), bassist for the mighty fine San Antonio-based rock ‘n soul band Hacienda [...]


Thanks, Allie… Needed That

Last week I bitched about not coming across any new tunes that merit a second listen. Well, my daughter Allie must’ve heard me all the way down in Lexington, because she sent me a couple of [...]


Rock ‘n Soul on TV: The Sixties (Part 1)

Just picked up a good read about the troubled marriage of rock and the boob tube: “TV a-Go-Go” by Jake Austen (producer of a cable-access children’s dance show that airs in [...]