10 Songs for the Next Rolling Stones Album

A few nuggets the Stones can consider when they record a follow-up to their all-blues album Blue & Lonesome.


10 by Miles Davis

Some of my favorite recordings from Miles' acoustic years: Bag's Groove, My Funny Valentine, Generique, Milestones, Solea, Teo, Masqualero, etc.


RCR’s 5th Annual Holiday Music Extravaganza

Welcome to RCR’s 5th Annual Holiday Song Roundup (if you need time to review, here are links to one, two, three and four). Not sure if I can put a finger on the prevailing mood this season. I’ve [...]


Lightnin’ Hopkins: The Herald Sessions

With all the hoopla over the Rubber City’s favorite sons winning three Grammys (and a fourth for Dan for Producer of the Year), we shouldn’t overlook the fact that Lightnin’ [...]


John Lee Hooker: The Modern Recordings

I’ve been intimidated by the idea of writing a post on John Lee Hooker. It’s like trying to write a 500-word essay on modern cinema. Or thinking just one reality show is enough to document the [...]

Lightnin’ Hopkins: The Herald Sessions

Are there fan clubs for dead blues guys? I should start one for Lightnin’ Hopkins. I never get tired of the signature guitar riffs he played over and over again throughout his 50-some years as a [...]