Put These in Your Christmas Pipe

This has turned into a particularly somber holiday season… horrific for some, just plain dismal for those of us still dangling off the fiscal cliff. Can’t say I’ve been in the mood to put [...]


The Ballad of Clarence White

Time for a re-post… I’ll warn you up front, this is one of our longer pieces. But it includes some nice quotes from Clarence freaks Dan Auerbach and his Uncle James, as well as our [...]

Guns, Drugs, Money and Vinyl… Welcome to School Kids

Consider this the final installment in our Substance Abuse Trilogy (I’ll blame another brutal winter in the Rubber City): Athens, Ohio, was an interesting place back in the late-Seventies. [...]

The Ballad of Clarence White

Think of the greats in any musical genre, and you’re usually thinking of a signature sound that gives the artist a distinct presence or personality. In jazz, it’s the difference between Dexter [...]