Songs of Heartbreak and Loss

A healing playlist for Cavs fans everywhere, with Lucinda Williams, Dwight Yoakam, Rosanne Cash, The Black Keys, Buddy Miller, etc.


The Year They Almost Saved Country Music

Has mainstream country music ever been any worse than it is right now? Probably, but I just can’t take another Eagles tribute band playing some lame-ass ode to the Bubba lifestyle. Sorry, I [...]


It’s the Weekend… Who Cares?

Back in the heyday of Cleveland rock radio, this wildman named Murray Saul – sounding a lot like Howard Dean when he blew up his campaign for President – would usher in the weekend with a [...]


RCR’s First (and Last) Annual Country Music Roundup

Cleveland. Where DJ Alan Freed first coined the phrase “rock ‘n roll” and hosted the form’s coming-out party, the infamous Moondog Coronation Ball in 1952. City that launched the careers of David [...]

Doin’ the iPod Shuffle

I have more than 21,000 songs on my iPod. And I wrap tin foil around my head to keep out the gamma rays. Do you think less of me? I’m referring to the iPod, of course. Normal people would find [...]