Random Playlist #34: Memphis Soul

Is there a more perfect hybrid in American music than Memphis Soul? Give me a hard-driving rhythm section, throw in some screaming horns and a sanctified gospel singer, add some tasty blues [...]


Thanks, Allie… Needed That

Last week I bitched about not coming across any new tunes that merit a second listen. Well, my daughter Allie must’ve heard me all the way down in Lexington, because she sent me a couple of [...]


Don’t Play Me No Stormy Friggin’ Monday

Let’s say you’ve put together a little bar band – something that won’t set the world on fire but might get you a gig at some corner dive. Or maybe you’re the manager… work with me. A couple folks [...]


The Box Set is Dead… Long Live Our Favorites

Remember the box set? Actually, in a year or two we might be asking ourselves, remember compact discs? I came fairly late to the CD party – which is probably a good thing, because a research team [...]


Rare Soul + Funk, Pt. 1

This is really just a cheap excuse to share a few samples of some pretty cool tunes I’ve been listening to lately. So if you’re one of those Northern Soul nuts from the UK, don’t expect me to [...]