Make It Funky

Get on the good foot with James Brown and a few other masters of funk.


A Few Current Obsessions

Bettye LaVette, Sen. Michael Bennet, Pony Bradshaw, snow plows... Just a few worms that, for better or worse, haven’t worked their way out of my brain yet.


Another Random Video Roundup

In our last post, I didn’t exactly subscribe to the theory that Big Star is the most overlooked and underappreciated band of the Seventies. But I did think of a truly awe-inspiring band that flew [...]


Random Playlist #34: Memphis Soul

Is there a more perfect hybrid in American music than Memphis Soul? Give me a hard-driving rhythm section, throw in some screaming horns and a sanctified gospel singer, add some tasty blues [...]


Ladies Sing the Blues

I need these blues to seduce me. Got no use for some tattooed numbskull playing endless guitar solos through 15 stomp boxes and a Marshall stack. Hand the mic to that sultry chanteuse by the bar… [...]



I’m beginning to think that themes are overrated. People don’t even buy CDs anymore. Why would anyone be interested in how one song might relate to another? Maybe I should just write down every [...]