That Honky Tonk Holiday Spirit

As a lifelong fan of hard-core honky tonk, I usually have to search far and wide to find kindred spirits who share the same affliction. Then a friend of mine reinvented himself as classic country [...]


Random Playlist #17: Honky Tonk

OK, I’m done bitching about mainstream country. It’s like bitching about reality TV or big blockbuster movies or Applebee’s… things I can choose to ignore, thereby narrowing down the list of [...]


The Ballad of Clarence White

Time for a re-post… I’ll warn you up front, this is one of our longer pieces. But it includes some nice quotes from Clarence freaks Dan Auerbach and his Uncle James, as well as our [...]


And the Winner is…

We’ve emptied all the bottles and thrown away the broken furniture. That means our panel of judges has completed its deliberations and picked a winner to The Black Keys ticket giveaway. But [...]


There Stands Another Glass

The election’s over, so it’s time to drink. Heavily. Which brings us to the second installment of our tribute to the Great American Drinking Song. And we’re using the same basic guidelines [...]

The Ballad of Clarence White

Think of the greats in any musical genre, and you’re usually thinking of a signature sound that gives the artist a distinct presence or personality. In jazz, it’s the difference between Dexter [...]