Wynonie Harris: Mr. Blues is Coming to Town

Let's raise a glass to legendary blues shouter Wynonie Harris and his classic King recordings, 1947-1954.


Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson

It’s hard to top the joyous sound of Cleanhead's asthmatic howl over some swingin’ horns and a hard-grinding rhythm section.

Wynonie Harris: Mr. Blues is Coming to Town

The Voice just kicked off its 7th season on NBC… Seems like a good excuse to talk about Wynonie Harris – a truly badass blues shouter who would send the smug, preening judges on (insert [...]


10 by T-Bone Walker

While killing time at Barnes & Noble, I picked up the Sept. issue of Guitar World with Nephew Dan on the cover and read several comments about yours truly – mainly as an early source of blues [...]


Amos Milburn

I think I grew up in the wrong era. Toss me in a time machine and set it for 1946, Central Avenue, Los Angeles… and give me some greenbacks too, because I’ll need a sharp zoot suit with a [...]


Rolling Stone, Meet Gatemouth Brown

Rolling Stone recently came up with another list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.” The new list was compiled by “a panel of top guitarists and other experts” – including RCR supporter [...]


Pee Wee Crayton

We’ll kick things off with our own little version of “name that riff”: Mystery Riff John Lennon’s snarling intro to Revolution? Guess again… Blues guitarist Pee Wee Crayton laid down this [...]


Uptown Blues

Big-band blues. Urban blues. Blues that knows somebody. Call it what you want… and blow it off at your own risk. Sure, any attempt to move Robert Johnson into a high-rent neighborhood is going to [...]


Duke Robillard and Roomful of Blues

In 1977, I’d just landed in Athens, Ohio, to begin my junior year of college at Ohio University. But more important, I started working at a record store uptown – a great opportunity to fill out [...]

Doin’ the iPod Shuffle

I have more than 21,000 songs on my iPod. And I wrap tin foil around my head to keep out the gamma rays. Do you think less of me? I’m referring to the iPod, of course. Normal people would find [...]