Make It Funky

Get on the good foot with James Brown and a few other masters of funk.


The Real Dirty South: Bios of James Brown, Harry Crews

One man became a cultural icon, the other a cult figure. But James Brown and Harry Crews have more in common than you might think.


Johnny “Guitar” Watson: The Funk Era

Johnny “Guitar” Watson died on this date in 1996 – on stage no less. Here’s a re-post in his honor. It’s time to bring back the funk of Johnny “Guitar” Watson. Why not? You can [...]


Lee Moses: Time and Place

In our post on the Johnny Burnette Trio, The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach listed some of his main inspirations on guitar. Burnette sideman Paul Burlison. Howlin’ Wolf’s original guitarist Willie [...]


Rare Soul + Funk, Pt. 2

Time for our long-overdue follow-up to this post, in which we reported that the soul music revival had finally made its way to the Rubber City. I wasn’t suggesting that Eighties Rock is now out [...]


Johnny “Guitar” Watson: The Funk Era

It’s time to bring back the funk of Johnny “Guitar” Watson. Why not? You can hear Seventies funk of every stripe on TV commercials and movie soundtracks by everyone from The Isley Brothers and [...]


Rare Soul + Funk, Pt. 1

This is really just a cheap excuse to share a few samples of some pretty cool tunes I’ve been listening to lately. So if you’re one of those Northern Soul nuts from the UK, don’t expect me to [...]


New Orleans Nuggets

Since Brother Jack did such a great job of taking us down to New Orleans in his last post on James Booker, I decided to stay there – and offer up a few of my favorite examples of Crescent City [...]