Earl King: Let the Good Times Roll

It’s tempting to lump together “The Four Kings of Blues Guitar,” as an enterprising record label named a recent compilation featuring B.B., Albert, Freddie and Earl. But I’m not sure they [...]


Lee Moses: Time and Place

In our post on the Johnny Burnette Trio, The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach listed some of his main inspirations on guitar. Burnette sideman Paul Burlison. Howlin’ Wolf’s original guitarist Willie [...]


John Lee Hooker: The Modern Recordings

I’ve been intimidated by the idea of writing a post on John Lee Hooker. It’s like trying to write a 500-word essay on modern cinema. Or thinking just one reality show is enough to document the [...]


My First Album

Editor’s note: I would’ve re-posted this two days ago (Jimi Hendrix’s 70th birthday), but I had my head up my ass. Here’s an idea I borrowed from a fellow music blogger: What’s [...]


Rock ‘n Soul on TV: The Sixties (Part 2)

Psychedelic rock: I know I shouldn’t try to boil down an entire sub-genre of music into a few sentences. But here’s my take on psych rock. First and foremost, it changed my life – starting with [...]

My First Album

Here’s an idea I borrowed from a fellow music blogger: What’s the first record you ever owned? (“Kristian” described the joys of receiving Guns n’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction as a [...]


Who Shot Rock & Roll

How many of you are heading to Akron for the holidays? Actually, once you get past the startling lack of color and “fresh as the driven slush” look of our winter landscapes, this time of year has [...]


Great Moments in Modern Music

How’s that for a blowhard title? The operative word being “moments”… which speaks to one of several fundamentally different ways that we experience music. Some folks like it in the [...]