10 with Art Blakey

A look back at the five-decade career of the original Jazz Messenger – with his own band and bringing the heat in some legendary sessions with other artists.


Beatles Under Cover

Some of our favorite Beatles covers: Steve Earle, The Black Keys, Ollabelle (w/ Amy Helm), Tommy Emmanuel, Grant Green, Wilson Pickett (w/ Duane Allman), etc.


Random Playlist #43: Soul Jazz

Soul jazz favorites by Brother Jack McDuff, Cannonball Adderley, Charlie Hunter, Gene Ammons, Grant Green, John Patton, Kenny Burrell, Medeski Martin & Wood, Sonny Stitt, etc.


Sweet Summits: Jazz

I thought this theme worked pretty well in our blues post. But I couldn’t resist expanding the definition so I could cover some of my favorite jazz summits. Think of these collaborations as [...]


Random Playlist #43: Soul Jazz

Recently I took a peek at Google Analytics and noticed that RCR’s readership was up. So I thought, I’ll fix that… Time to do a post on soul jazz. What exactly is soul jazz? Well, I’ll give you my [...]


Tangled Up in Blue Note

Here’s a re-post. See you soon… In a rare moment of weakness, my brother admitted that his love of Latin music makes for a very lonely existence. The same can be said of jazz. You [...]


The Box Set is Dead… Long Live Our Favorites

Remember the box set? Actually, in a year or two we might be asking ourselves, remember compact discs? I came fairly late to the CD party – which is probably a good thing, because a research team [...]


Discovering Grant Green

So this guy sends me a couple of comments… How could you overlook this tune? Why didn’t you include this artist? And I tell him, write your own damn post. Well, he did… and [...]


Let Us Now Praise the Organ Combo

I love the sound of a Hammond B3 doing a slow-boil under the bluesy guitar of Grant Green or Kenny Burrell, or wrapped around a warm, soulful sax.  But there’s a thin line between the best of [...]