Truck Driver’s Boogie

A tribute to The Great American Trucking Song, with Red Simpson, Del Reeves, Kay Adams, Dave Dudley, Jim Lauderdale, The Bottle Rockets, etc.


The Year They Almost Saved Country Music

Has mainstream country music ever been any worse than it is right now? Probably, but I just can’t take another Eagles tribute band playing some lame-ass ode to the Bubba lifestyle. Sorry, I [...]


Country Soul Sisters

So I get an email from my friends in Berlin asking their Rubber City correspondent to review a UK-produced compilation of Nashville’s groundbreaking country women. Makes perfect sense, right? [...]


The Next Hundred Years

Former street singer turned major-label recording artist Ted Hawkins would be 76 today (10/28). Here’s a re-post in his honor. Ever find yourself on a long drive in the middle of the night, [...]


Random Playlist #17: Honky Tonk

OK, I’m done bitching about mainstream country. It’s like bitching about reality TV or big blockbuster movies or Applebee’s… things I can choose to ignore, thereby narrowing down the list of [...]


RCR’s First (and Last) Annual Country Music Roundup

Cleveland. Where DJ Alan Freed first coined the phrase “rock ‘n roll” and hosted the form’s coming-out party, the infamous Moondog Coronation Ball in 1952. City that launched the careers of David [...]

Bring Back the Honky Tonks

What kind of town do you live in, musically speaking? Is it classic rock, country, jazz, polka, Tuvan throat-singing? I’m not referring to the kind of music you hear on the radio. I’m talking [...]

The Next Hundred Years

Ever find yourself on a long drive in the middle of the night, searching for those perfect songs to keep you awake but not wired? There I was, drinking a mocha-infused Starbucks cocktail, almost [...]


There Stands the Glass

I’m guessing the first drinking song was written not long after the first alcoholic beverage was served. Something about draggin’ stone for the pharaoh – and my baby left me too. In other words, [...]


King of the Independents

In the early 1980s, I lived in Cincinnati and edited one of those free entertainment newspapers you see blowing through the streets of big cities throughout the country.  The following piece [...]