Bobby Patterson, Jason D. Williams

Here are a couple new releases with decidedly old-school sounds. Bobby Patterson hails from Dallas, where he cut his first soul records back in the Sixties for the Jetstar label. He’s another one [...]


Grady Martin: Roughneck Blues

I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. Screwed something up back in ’82 and took full responsibility for it – by blaming the guy who gave me bad information. So now I’m back on the hot [...]


Rockabilly Playlist (for Bill Allen)

I’ve been listening to a lot of rockabilly since our post on The Johnny Burnette Trio. And my little time away from the usual stuff (you know, mostly whaling songs and sea chanteys) gained some [...]


The Johnny Burnette Trio: Rockabilly Boogie

I decided to leave this post as is, but check out the comment at the end by Waylon Lightfoot. Then check out our post on Grady Martin. Looks like I’ve been schooled. With its five Grammy [...]


Facedown with Husky Burnette

Just when you thought two-piece bands had run their course, into the sandbox jumps Husky Burnette. And yes, he’s part of the same bloodline that brought us Johnny and Dorsey Burnette (if [...]


Ricky Nelson and James Burton

The first real band I joined (“real” meaning paid gigs) was The Warsaw Falcons, a neo-rockabilly outfit based in Cincinnati. I was fresh out of college and just landed a job downtown, editing a [...]

Evan Johns and the H-Bombs

A few posts back, I touched on my stint playing in a Columbus, Ohio bar band. And one of the pleasures of that assignment was opening for and rubbing up against some fairly respectable players, [...]


Just Rockin’ and Rollin’ with The Blonde Bomber

A 56-year-old rockabilly legend teams up with some hungry young hotshots… throws them 16 hard-bitten songs that are ready to burn… and then lets it rip in an old-school analog studio, where [...]


The Box Set is Dead (Part 2)

At what point did we know that the box set was deceased? Was it when the German Bear Family label released a 12-CD collection (with hardcover book) of Pat Boone’s complete ‘50s recordings? Or [...]

Going Back to Cryland

Here’s an album that came and went a couple of years ago, but I keep getting sucked back into its strange vortex. It answers the question, what happens when a fairly twisted French dude records a [...]


Wonderful Wanda

I recently read that Jack White (White Stripes, Dead Weather, Raconteurs) produced a new album by rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson. Sounded like the perfect deal to me – love White and love Wanda. [...]


The Fraternity of Wham

Several posts ago, we waxed poetic about Cincinnati’s King Records – home to legendary American artists ranging from the Stanley Brothers to James Brown.  But King wasn’t the only act in town.  [...]


You’re Covered

The cover song is a proud musical tradition – and it dates back centuries. Let’s face it, many popular tunes and entire forms of music wouldn’t exist today without the act of appropriating [...]