Beatles Under Cover

Some of our favorite Beatles covers: Steve Earle, The Black Keys, Ollabelle (w/ Amy Helm), Tommy Emmanuel, Grant Green, Wilson Pickett (w/ Duane Allman), etc.


Songs of Heartbreak and Loss

A healing playlist for Cavs fans everywhere, with Lucinda Williams, Dwight Yoakam, Rosanne Cash, The Black Keys, Buddy Miller, etc.


10 by T-Bone Walker

While killing time at Barnes & Noble, I picked up the Sept. issue of Guitar World with Nephew Dan on the cover and read several comments about yours truly – mainly as an early source of blues [...]

RCR’s Greatest Hits

I’ve been at this RCR thing for nearly five years now, and we just published our 250th post. Imagine if I would’ve put all that effort into a solid money-making venture, like cooking meth, [...]


Today’s Music Industry Explained: The Deadheads Won

I recently came across a Hollywood Reporter interview with producer/musician T-Bone Burnett that serves as a perfect summation of today’s music business. Let’s get right to the heart of it as [...]


My City is For Sale

It’s hard to come up with a better sponsorship deal than the one The Black Keys struck with a little league baseball team in Akron – The Orioles. For you marketing geniuses out there, it went [...]


10 by The Black Keys (Part 2)

I really didn’t have any intention of coming back with a second act. But Part 1 seemed to go pretty well… and I’m still struggling with a draft post on the new Eric Clapton album (of course, [...]

10 by The Black Keys (Part 1)

Alright, you knew it would come down to this. At some point, I had to weigh in on my favorite songs by nephew Dan and his musical soulmate, Pat. A few of you might have come here expecting a [...]


The Johnny Burnette Trio: Rockabilly Boogie

I decided to leave this post as is, but check out the comment at the end by Waylon Lightfoot. Then check out our post on Grady Martin. Looks like I’ve been schooled. With its five Grammy [...]


Raised on the Stones

Here’s a re-post in honor of The Rolling Stones’ final 50th Anniversary concert (the 12/15 show in Newark will include Rubber City favorites The Black Keys… Hopefully [...]


Dan’s Big Night, Dave Brubeck and Dino

Time for another random post… Let’s start with The Grammys. Now RCR is probably the last place anyone would go for the latest news on rock and pop acts that typically get nominated [...]



I’m beginning to think that themes are overrated. People don’t even buy CDs anymore. Why would anyone be interested in how one song might relate to another? Maybe I should just write down every [...]


Saturday Noon: Arrive at LaGuardia with wife, daughter and friend to spend a few days in NYC with other family members. Agenda includes The Black Keys’ sold-out show at Madison Square Garden. [...]


10 by Link Wray

I haven’t had much contact with my famous nephew since The Black Keys conquered the world. Just the occasional text about someone I should check out, like Michael Kiwanuka or Bombino. So, like [...]


10 Things To Be Thankful For In 2011

As we approach the end of 2011, some of you might be looking at various ways to shake things up in the coming year. Maybe take a few dance classes, learn how to cook with a wood-burning stove, [...]


It’s the Weekend… Who Cares?

Back in the heyday of Cleveland rock radio, this wildman named Murray Saul – sounding a lot like Howard Dean when he blew up his campaign for President – would usher in the weekend with a [...]


Big Hits from the Small Screen

Last year, you couldn’t avoid hearing The Black Keys on TV. And I have to admit, it started to annoy me a little bit. But I realize their marketing strategy is dead right. I mean, who listens to [...]

The Grammy Misadventures of Madame Auerbach

My sister Mary Auerbach, French teacher at Woodridge High School and mother of The Black Keys’ Dan, gives us a blow-by-blow of her recent trip to the Grammys, where the Keys picked up a [...]

Can Mamie Come Out To Play?

No over-arching themes this week. No long-lost album to dissect. No need to dig up buried treasures from any given genre. And nothing about Mamie Van Doren, even though we use her glowing figure [...]


And the Winner is…

We’ve emptied all the bottles and thrown away the broken furniture. That means our panel of judges has completed its deliberations and picked a winner to The Black Keys ticket giveaway. But [...]


Black Keys Ticket Giveaway and Other Stuff

We now have a twitter account, which means we need to do something drastic to promote it. So we’re giving away 2 free tickets to The Black Keys’ sold-out New Year’s Eve Show at the historic [...]

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